Win a Positive Charge Tas Pappas "Barnes & Elias" model deck!

Tas Pappas Barnes and Elias model Positive Charge Skateboards

That's right!! It's very simple, simply post a skate related picture of yourself with a caption explaining it to our Facebook page and the picture with the most likes wins! 

Here are a few ground rules:

  • You must like the Positive Charge page (that's a given. :P )
  • The picture must be posted directly to the Positive Charge Facebook page timeline by you. Tagging of Positive Charge will not suffice.
  • The picture has to have been taken by you, a family member, a friend, you get the gist, simply put...don't post a picture of Darren Navarrette blasting a huge air...of course that's going to get a billion likes and, well, it's cheating! Do we really need to say this? 
  • Don't stress about what you're doing in the picture, some people may be doing the raddest trick in the world, and your picture shows the family laughing at the local'd be surprised what really makes people want to click that like button.  Take a chance, post what you got up there!
  • In case of a tie we will choose the winner. 
  • You may tag anyone and everyone you want in the picture to call attention to it so they can like it.  Matter of fact, we encourage you because this is a new page, and there aren't many people here yet, so you're going to have to let as many people know why, where and how so you can take home this awesome board!
  • Try to think out of the box...sure you can post your best frontside rock, but is there something else you could do or that you did to make it unique? Are we talking about a trick, a place, the situation? Who knows? Let's wait and see... (hint: what month is this?)
  • One photo per person. 

Have fun and good luck! Contest ends the 12th of October 2015.