It's Fabian's turn!! Win a "La Malinche" Deck For Your Halloween Skate Sesh!

Fabian Alomar skateboard Johnny Stingray graphics illustration positive charge skateboards

Everyone in the 90's knew who Menace was, it was a team that everyone wanted to be on, the first to truly introduce the rest of the city to the skateboard culture, it went from the beach to the hood, and this group of dudes were not messing say controversial is an understatement. 

Fabian was an integral part of this and like many a legendary pro there a thousand tales to tell, some funny, some sad, some beautiful others terrifying. But, Frank Hurts is still here people, and this is his board. 

Handcrafted right here in the United States with some of the most beautiful screened graphics in recent memory, certainly one of the best ever.  Drawn by renowned British illustrator Johnny Stingray (work appears in the legendary Jim Phillips' book Surf Graphics), these graphics are a perfect match for Fabian's streets of L.A. upbringing.  The most that will ever be made is 100 of these boards, and they will never EVER be seen again as a reissue! EVER!

32.75" x 9"

14.75" WB

6.875" Tail

6.875" Nose

Natural Wood

screened, NO CHINESE heat transfers 

So you want to win it, cool, but here's what you gotta do...

It's Halloween pictures of yourself, your family or friends in skating in Halloween costumes!!

Ground rules:

  1. Picture must be of friends, family or yourself that's a given! You must either be the one actually taking the picture or you are present within the picture.  Now, there's a possibility that someone might try to pull a fast one being that there is makeup and such, but we will just have to trust you.
  2. Let's be clear, ok, you don't HAVE to be in a a costume, but pictures which have you decked out in ghoulish garb are a plus and if it comes down to a tie, then the one with the costume wins or we choose between the two.
  3. You must post the picture directly onto the Positive Charge Facebook timeline.  Do NOT tag us from your own timeline.  Once posted you may tag all your friends and family to draw them to the image so as to help you out. Most with total likes wins. (includes both the photo you post and the share WE post to our timeline.)
  4. You must like the Positive Charge Facebook page. 
  5. Keep it as tasteful as you can ok? Please no boy/girlfriends puking all over the place dressed as Jar Jar Binks...we hate Jar Jar!
Good luck and have fun!!!  CONTEST ENDS ON OCTOBER 30TH!!