A Gift Of Love: Fearlessly Living Autism

Jesse Martinez Skateboard

Barriers are often placed before people due to ignorance and it is because of such, many who are born with challenges tend to display a strength few of us will ever have; a strength so powerful that no matter how high those walls may seem to be, they can break them down with gentle perseverance. 

Alex Matassa Skater

One such person who has the will and strength of a hero, is Alex Matassa, a young man who has been skating since he was little kid. The thing which makes Alex unique isn't just his talent on the board but the fact that he is autistic as well.

A few years ago, a project of love was born; Fearlessly Living Autism, a not for profit 501c organization founded by Alex and his mother Lisa in order to educate and spread autism awareness across this country and beyond while, at the same time, showing the effectiveness of skateboarding as a form of therapy. And as any skateboarder knows, doing what you love the most, is always good therapy.

So please join us in supporting such an inspiring skater like Alex, because it is through him, and others like him, that we can truly learn and understand what living fearlessly is all about.

Please be generous with the likes and follows on social media. Their Facebook page can be found here and on Instagram.

With St Valentine's Day just around the corner, and in celebration for such a project of love as this, from now until Valentine's day, we will donate a portion of all sales of the Positive Charge & 100% Skateboarder Sk8 Club collaboration Jesse Martinez "Venice" model to Fearlessly Living Autism!



NOTE TO COLLECTORS: Seven Adams and Jesse Martinez have changed 100% Skateboarder Sk8 Club to 100sc and their new logo reflects this. This is the first, only and last time you will see the old 100% Skateboarder Sk8 Club logo on an item outside of anything released by 100sc itself. 

Jesse Martinez "Venice" Skateboard Model