Help Build Something Rad, Become A Founding Team Member

skateboarding is fun

Can you be described as an outcast, freak, vagabond, geek, metalhead, punk, dirty hippy or any one of a thousand different adjectives used to describe a unique individual? Do you also dig riding around on the four wheeled toy known as a skateboard? Then hell, you sound like our kind of person!

We're not looking to sponsor rippers who are drowning in ego, but people driven by the passion for skateboarding who want to actually build something from the ground up.  We don't give a damn about age, gender, whose t-shirts you wear or beer you swill, what we care about is how stoked you are about expressing yourself through both attitude and action.

Are you willing to put in some hard work? Are you willing to be dedicated to see your goals accomplished? Do you want to be a person who creates something unique and enduring?

If the answer is yes,  this is what you need to do; create a video showing the chops you got (minimum of 4 minutes with a maximum of 15 minutes),  be creative with how you express your personality and ability in the video. 

Age, gender and geographical location doesn't matter; the team will be an international crew! We would like to see those who skate everything and anything, but that's not to say if you are a dedicated vert madman/woman or a triple kink grinding street rat that you won't be considered.  Also, this is very important, you may think that to score a slot on the team you will have to be able to do the Lyon 25,  a backside 360 kickflip over a 14 foot gap or heel flip body varial frontside 540 on vert...that's totally unrealistic because few can!!  We will be looking at attitude as much as ability, it's not necessarily looking just for the raddest skaters out there, but ones who have the spirit to inspire, so just take a chance and go for it!!

When you're finished with the video, either send us a link to your youtube or vimeo vid to our reclusive Team Manager , post the video to the Positive Charge Facebook page or tag us on Instagram so we can check it out; we will contact you prior to the announcement of the team. The amount of slots available has yet to be determined.

If you feel you know someone who would make a rad contribution to Positive Charge Skateboards, feel free to share this article with everyone who you think would be down!

Getting the right group of folks together will take some time, we hope to present the crew to the world before touring season next year.