Just say no to sh*t summers!

 50% Off Skateboard sale

It's riding season, time to get out there and do some damage, and in order to help get you on the right track we're announcing our big "Avoid A Bummer Summer" sale which means that ALL of our boards are 50% OFF for a limited time only!! All you have to do is use the code: SK8NDIE 

And if that wasn't cool enough, skater and mad musician Zach Slaughter of SkullFist has just released an album for his side project "Freedumb" and is allowing those of you who pick up a new Positive Charge board to grab a copy for FREE!

When commenting about the new album, Zach had this to say: "Since we're pulling a Chinese democracy on the new Skull Fist album I decided to say goodbye to any credibility I have left. 9 tracks of pure bull****. From Doom or punk to classic heavy metal with some high notes and a few guitar solos... I think I might need to start drinking again?"

So there you go!! Not only will you score an epic board from us, but you can also be a part of the Fukushima-like spectacle which is that of Freedumb! This album has been ranked right up there with some of the greatest offerings of any band imaginable, from Judas Priest's "Jugulator" to Tiny Tim's debut!!  Just check out the epic promo: