Vive La Résistance!

After months of waiting the new  "Vive la résistance! (The victims will have their day)" triptych pro models for Californian brothers "Dirty Ben" and Sam Cathcart, as well as, South African thrasher Kalvyn "Tink" Mac Millan have dropped!

The artwork is inspired by the French resistance of World War II, as well as current events, and is set in a Parisian cabaret, like that of the world famous Moulin Rouge, where we see the victims of fascism celebrating the brutal destruction of those who will always be doomed to fail.  

As you already know, we pride ourselves on making boards worthy of those who spend their hard earned cash on them and this series does not disappoint with mind-blowing art created by the artistic genius of Peter "Apterus" Polach ( follow on instagram @sabbasapterus )...death to bullsh*t graphics and wood!!!

Check out the short 4 minute and 20 second promo below.