We Are You!

Who are we? Well, we worked in the skateshops, we bagged copers, slung boxes in warehouses, spent countless hours sessioning curbs with no one but our best friends in attendance, we are the kids in the bowl blasting airs for the first time, we are the old dudes apprehensive about dropping in because we know how much a doctor visit costs, but still, in the end, won't be stopped from doing it, we are the people dressed in a blue vest wearing a tired, forced smile at a thankless job trying to make ends meet while dreaming of a few slappies after work, we are the ones who witnessed the rise, as well as the demise, of Del Mar and Whittier, we participated in the street revolution, we are the ones witnessing all the styles coming together again and we are everyone who has ever understood the joy that rolling around brings...summing up, we're the ones still here, the ones scarred with busted knees; we are the old and we are the young...we are you! . 

Positive Charge is first and foremast about people, about community, about supporting families and putting food on their tables, we want to create long lasting relationships with, as well as bridge the gap between, individuals of all nationalities and backgrounds...we want to help people to grow, to learn, to become what they were meant to be...and above all, we want everyone to have a damn good time doing it!

As of right now there are approximately 24 families directly affected by the production of these boards, our goal is to involve hundreds, if not thousands.  In time we want to build much, much more than just skateboards.

 All boards are made right here in the United States...it's all about quality of craftsmanship. 

 These are a few of the rules we solemnly swear to abide by:

  • NO trying to pass off doodles or font graphics as "unique artwork" to make money off of you...we will only put out rad f*cking art!
  • NO money grab re-issues EVER!!  You buy a board from us, that's it...you have the one and only original!
  • NO profits over people, this company is young, but it has a clearly defined, progressive mission to support as many families and causes as we can!
  • NO elitist attitudes, we are all skaters, we don't give a darn about how long you've been on the board, who you hang with or how well you do a trick...what is important to us is that you are having fun living life!!
  • NO sitting on our butts! If we see an opportunity to do something positive for people, we'll do it!