Jesse Martinez <br> "Venice" Model
Jesse Martinez <br> "Venice" Model
Jesse Martinez <br> "Venice" Model
Jesse Martinez <br> "Venice" Model

Jesse Martinez
"Venice" Model


$ 59.99

Video by Juice Magazine .

100%Skateboarder Sk8 Club and Positive Charge Collaboration

32.6” x 9.5” 
14.8” WB
6.5” TAIL
Stained wood

Made In The U.S.A.

Art by Dan Styles

What can you say about Jesse Martinez? He's a living legend who has seen it all, from the beginnings of Dogtown at the Zephyr shop to helping create a company which revolutionized skateboarding as we knew it; World Industries. 

Today, Jesse is the keeper of Dogtown, the man who is keeping the stories and people of South Santa Monica and Venice's past alive.  And it is no secret that he, along with many other locals fought years to get Venice its own skatepark, a battle they finally won.  This board is the result of a collaboration between Seven Adams and Jesse's 100% Skateboarder Sk8 Club and Positive Charge; it is meant to pay homage to not only Jesse Martinez, but all the skaters past, present and future, as well as the community, of South Santa Monica and Venice.   

 As a freelance illustrator and graphic designer for the last several years, Dan (aka 1000styles) has done work for many clients, creating art for a variety of applications, including t-shirts, skate decks, promo flyers, album covers and stickers, as well as creating and selling some of his own one-off art and art products through his webstore at He likes hot rods and beer, and lives in upstate NY with his wife, two kids, and one small unfriendly dog.