Tas Pappas<br> "Barnes & Elias" Model
Tas Pappas<br> "Barnes & Elias" Model
Tas Pappas<br> "Barnes & Elias" Model
Tas Pappas<br> "Barnes & Elias" Model

Tas Pappas
"Barnes & Elias" Model


$ 59.99


Video by Jack Lilley whose work you can see on his website here.

32.875" x 9.5"

15.0" WB

7" Tail

6.625" Nose

Dark blue wood stain

Made In The U.S.A.

Art by Adam Burke

You gotta have some style in your life, and this deck answers that call.  It hearkens back to the years when Tas and his brother Ben just started out, back to the good times when it was all just about having fun!

Tas Pappas' name is synonymous with revolutionary skating.  He was one, of only a handful, keeping vert alive in a time when people's attention were focused on the street.  Tas doesn't mess around, he's a survivor, there's no mixing of words when he speaks and he still shreds with the best of them...this board is meant to be a representation of that.   It's the go to axe for anyone and everyone who loves skating as much as he does.  Half-pipe, ditch, bowl, bank, rail...doesn't matter, bring it all on!

Tas' graphics were drawn by Adam Burke, an accomplished musician and artist based out of Portland Oregon who has, not only done illustrations for a variety of clients, but fine art as well.  For anyone who has seen the documentary "All This Mayhem", then neither the meaning of "Barnes & Elias" in this poignant graphic nor what it means to Tas personally should come as a surprise.  From the darkness of the jungle and beneath the gleaming stars of the southern cross emerges Barnes ready to face life with grim determination.