"The Temptation of Corruption" Model
"The Temptation of Corruption" Model
"The Temptation of Corruption" Model
"The Temptation of Corruption" Model

"The Temptation of Corruption" Model


$ 54.99

32.7" x 8.5"

15" WB

6.3" Tail 

6.8" Nose

Stained Wood

Made In The U.S.A.  

Art by Stephen Blickenstaff

Democracy is becoming a thing of the past, if it hasn't already, and is being replaced by a crude doppelganger poorly disguised behind reality television and divisive rhetoric. 

With what we have seen taking place for quite some time in the political arena, we wanted to put out a board which reminded people EXACTLY who is to blame for our fiat currency, our outsourced jobs, our enormous prison population, the lack of funding for education, the bad trade deals, the continued pillaging of resources and decimation of our ecosystem, the unjust wars and their enormous death toll, the division among American people, a corrupt for profit healthcare system which denies the most basic of needs to those who require it the most, turning social security from a trust fund into a government slush fund, the increased poverty and destruction of the middle class...the corrupt politicians who allow themselves to do the bidding of anyone other than those who believed in them; the people.  

Stephen Blickenstaff  is most notably known for drawing  one of the most iconic album cover in rock n roll history, The Cramps' 1983  "Bad Music for Bad People", which recently appeared on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine.

Stephen's artwork has appeared on record covers and T-shirts for bands such as They Might Be Giants, Southern Culture On The Skids, The Fleshtones, Los Straitjackets, Thin White Rope, The Two Tens, The Graves Brothers Deluxe and Love Tractor among many others.

His work has been published in Les Barany's "Carnivora: The Dark Art of Automobiles", and other art collection books, as well as publications Dark Horse Presents, Weirdo, Guitar World and Psychotronic Video.

If having shown in galleries the world over is not enough, Blickenstaff's  work has recently appeared on the blu-ray release box cover for  the horror film "The Deadly Spawn", and has been featured on everything from computer screensavers to skateboards.